We can guide you through the complex process of getting your financial affairs in order


To complete that important tax planning step, we will review with you all of the potential tax consequences.

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At Ken & Associates we know who to plan your estate in a way that minimizes those liabilities. For example, we can set up a plan that passes future growth to family members while you remain in control of the company. You may be able to take advantage of income-splitting, so that income passes to family members at lower tax brackets. An estate freeze could give beneficiaries use of a lifetime capital gains extension.

Conventional estate planning is not enough to meet the needs of some Canadians. Business owners have related assets to pass along.

We can help business owners with business continuity and succession, in ways that protect your financial interests.

Estate planning and taxation can be daunting subjects so don’t tackle them on your own. These important matters deserve the attention of an expert accountant with a track record of dealing with estate planning and taxation.

Once the estate taxes come due, you will want to work with Ken Accounting to minimize the tax bill.

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